Business Computers Plus is proud to introduce our new VOIP service

Why change your phone service provider to us? Let us list the reasons why;

With our VOIP cloud based service, we offer a clear, high quality call service that uses your existing ethernet lines instead of outdated phone modem lines.

Our cloud based VOIP has a built in call-firewall that regularly blocks known spam calls, and can add blacklisted numbers with ease. This, in combination with a built in traditional network firewall, guarantees highest security possible, with regular backups as a fail-safe system in place.  

Are you or your employee's working from home, or on the go? With our optional Mobile Phone Compatibility tool, we can turn your mobile phones into portable extensions for your landline business number.

Whether you have 2 lines or 200 lines, high or low traffic, or plan to shrink or expand your business in the future, our VOIP service can be fully customized for your business needs

Looking for simple or high tech desk phones? We can do that. 

Want to control your desk phones from your PC? We have that option too.

Interested in switching your landline to be fully operated through your PC, no desk phones needed? We can set that up too. 

With our fully customized VOIP service, we can do all of that, as well as IVR, custom ringtones, hold music, and time groups for business hours and holidays


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