Company Information
Business Computers Plus, Inc. has been serving the Buffalo and Western New York area since 1991. Our philosophy is that superior service, technical expertise and first-rate systems design and integration should be affordable.  Also, today's computerized business arena can be extremely demanding. At Business Computers Plus, we excel at meeting and exceeding your needs.

Company Scope 
Count on us to make networks work is our specialty, whether it involves a single department, multi-departments or multi-sites.

Company Founder 
Business Computers Plus, Inc. was founded by Kenneth Geary, an expert in the field of PC service and systems integration. Ken is a virtual walking history of PC's, networks, and systems integration. Directly involved in the daily activities of the company, Ken provides an expertise that is unmatched in any arena.

Company Philosophy 
Our goal is to establish long-term business relationships with our clients. We accomplish this goal by educating our customers on the latest technology to create a system together. Our work is 100% guarenteed.  We deal honestly with every client. We earn our pay and we always remember that we work for you!